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Breastfeeding Talk by Lactation Consults from Mumsfairy on Dec 7 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

One of the reasons why we love our pop-up store is the spaciousness. 

On Dec 7th 2013, it became the perfect venue for a cosy gathering of mummies who made their way down to attend a sharing session by lactation consultants Juliet Chan and Valerie Ng. 

Juliet and Valerie had helped me alot when I had problems breastfeeding my second child David. That must have been at least six years ago. I also remember buying one of the best time-saving breastfeeding accessories from them - the Pumpin' Pal Handsfree Breastpumping Strap, and the Pumpin' Pal Super Shields. These allowed me to express my excess milk more comfortably, and...hands-free!



Add so imagine my delight when both ladies agreed to visit our store to share their 
experience with Milky Way customers. 
Valerie (left) and Juliet (second left).
We discussed issues specific to each mum, ranging from tackling the lack of milk supply, to 
improper latch-on positions, to surviving the first few weeks of breastfeeding to establish 
a good milk supply.
Thanks to the candid participation of all the mummies who were there, the afternoon turned out immensely fruitful.  
This baby fell asleep after nursing.

Cheers to the newfound friendships, and to the wonderful journey of breastfeeding and motherhood!

Thank you Juliet and Val - you ladies are just the best! 

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