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Milky Way's Tenth Anniversary Celebration

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Milky Way turns 10! We’ve come a long way from our original incarnation, with 16 core styles, and working out from a home office. The one element that’s been constant through this decade is the same thing we’ve been immensely grateful for. The support of our community -- family, friends, customers-turned-friends, work associates-turned-friends --- has been precious. We thank you all for navigating the ups, downs and curveballs throughout this decade with us.

To mark the occasion, we threw a party on a balmy evening for family and friends on the 4th of September. The dusk sky set aglow with fairy lights (big shout out to the captain and crew of Megaway 128) provided the magical backdrop to an evening of merriment and conviviality. Thank you for sharing in this occasion and celebrating with us --- as shown in these images --- it was an unforgettable one.

Venue: Megaway128 <>
Photography: Wishwander Pictures

For more photos of the event, head over to our Facebook Page >>

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