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Discreet Breastfeeding

Watch for cues that your baby is getting hungry, such as smacking of lips or sucking of the thumb. Avoid waiting so long that baby wails in distress! When you are shopping, for example, be mindful of the time so that you can start looking for a place to settle down for breadfeeding before the baby starts to fuss. 

  • Sit baby in a position ready for breastfeeding. 
  • Discreetly reach under the outer layer to access the bra clasp of the nursing bra. Stay relaxed and be as natural as you can – most people won’t even notice that you are preparing to breastfeed.
  • Guide baby to the nipple, keeping the outer layer lightly draped for coverage. If you are concerned that baby may fidget a lot here, make sure you are seated facing away from the crowd, for more privacy.
  • Once baby is latched on and sucking, you may turn your attention elsewhere for a conversation, to read, or to proceed to have your meal.
  • When you sense that baby is just about done, prepare to quickly cover the opening with the outer layer once baby unlatches. 

  • You may like to sit baby up, ensure that he is soothed and calm, before reaching to clasp the bra cup back. Some mothers reach for the clasp through the nursing opening, others prefer to reach for the clasp through the neckline.
  • The key is confidence and practice.