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Here's why mamas (and papas) love Milky Way:

I love the Panama Shorts - they are so comfortable and soft. The band at the tummy is not tight. Please stock more colours!

Zynn Soh, expecting mummy

My third dress from Milky Way and yet another love! Your dresses lasted me throughout my pregnancy and now I find myself buying your dresses as a nursing mother! Love the cutting and it fits great. Thank you.

Regina Ng, a nursing mother who will be wearing her new Rivers Draped Dress to a wedding dinner.

I'm loving the 2 outfits that I bought because of the practical concept of both maternity and nursing wear. The Tube Dress in Geometric Print was perfect for my mini self photo shoot that I did last Friday.
Look forward to browse through your future collections.

Nora Anur, Expecting Mother

I've finally gotten the chance to try two of the tops after my confinement. The shirred empire blouse and mother-child layered scoop.They are both very comfortable and flattering on the post-partum figure. Love the vibrant colors! I also appreciate that the tops were delivered so quickly after my order was made. Thanks! 

K Lui, mother of two

I love that the fabric is soft and breathable, and it has a flattering cut. The flowy fabric allows for nursing in public without a nursing cover which is a major bonus since bubs hates the nursing cover as she gets older. 

Wendy Lim, a nursing mother of a one-year-old baby girl, who loves her Operetta Blouse.


Highly recommend this nursing website!The staff are super helpful and friendly! Love the blouses. They flatter me. Thank so much! Will definitely be a repeat customer until the day I stop breastfeeding :) and will definitely recommend it to my friends!

N Lim, expecting her fourth child


Hi Milky Way, Prompt delivery and efficient service, and the tops are lovely too!! I love the material used. And the forgiving style and cut for my post-partum body. Cheers!

Z Dietz, mother of a 5-month-old girl


Thanks for the nursing tops and the sling. I have fallen in love with them, especially the fuchsia pink nursing top and the sling! Now I feel good going out again!
Ho SY, mother of 2 boys


Thanks for the tops –- all six are gorgeous! Love the colours, designs and best of all, the fit! The mandarin top is wonderful –- the powdered pink is even lovelier than it looks on the website! And the classic top in midnight blue is so elegant too –- very well-designed.
J Teng


Thanks very much for the tops. They were nicer than I expected and very easy to use.
Cheong I N, mother of two


I have received the blouse already. Love it. I hope you'll have a wider range of nursing blouses in the future. Once again, many thanks for updating and sending the blouse over to me in such a quick manner. Much appreciated.
K Madumarova


Though my girl seems to be going off the breast now, I'm still glad I bought all six tops as I can wear them to work –- something to look forward to! And I'm sure my colleagues will notice my new wardrobe - what a great opportunity to advertise your website! They're so pretty they make me seriously want to have a second kid!
J Teng


Thank you too for your prompt action, I am looking forward to receiving them and bring baby out comfortably with the new pouch! Just to let you know, I liked the tops I had bought from you last week too! Will definitely look out for new additions to your online shop. Thank you for making this a good shopping experience!
B Choo


Your customer service is excellent and we will certainly buy from you again in the future. I will also be recommending you to friends.


By the way, I love all the three tops that I received. The Mandarin tie-front is so comfortable. Only wish you had more colours.

L Teoh, mother of a 3-year-old with one on the way


Thanks for your prompt reply and good customer service.


Hi, thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my Milky Way tops! Thanks again for your efficient service! It's the fastest I've experienced so far in terms on online shopping.
L Lee


Hi! Thanks so much for the fast delivery. The clothes are lovely and the size is just right! By the way, will you be restocking the sleeveless knotted front blouse ... Looking forward to shopping again.. PS. Wish I had come across your website much earlier!
J Lim, mother of a 6-month-old baby girl


I just received your dress. It is really beautiful. The website is really great. The only one I have seen with such a great selection for nursing mums! Will pass it on to all my pregnant friends!

Christina G, expecting mummy

"Hi Milky Way! Thank you. The dress is so comfortable and it really makes nursing easy. Am super happy with my purchases. Can't wait to see your new collection in January." 

Vivian Tan, mother of an 8-month-old daughter, who wore her Evita Dress to a wedding dinner

I really like the reliable tank because the material is cooling and has easy access. It concealed my post pregnancy tummy very well. It has been machine washed many times and it is still good - best of all, no ironing is needed!

Cindy Chong, mummy of two. 

Your customer service is excellent and we will certainly buy from you again in the future. I will also be recommending you to friends.
J Banks 

I've received the three tops. Thank you! The colours look better than I imagined. Cheers!



Hey Milky Way, the blue tear-drop tee is fabulous! I love it! Thanks for being so nice!


Hi, Received the them all.
Kwang YL


I received the tops today. They are great! Just what every breast feeding mum needs!
J Pete


I'd just like to add that I bought some nursing blouses from you and love the clothes! I really do enjoy wearing the clothes!
K See, mother of three girls 


This is a WONDERFUL top. Soft, luxurious, and most of all, easy to nurse in. Top marks! MORE COLORS!
C Tan, mother of two


I love the colour and design of the tops, and look forward to wearing them when the babies are born. In fact, I plan to pack them in my hospital bag!
C Buchanan, mother of three


… this is the first time I am shopping online but you have made my first online shopping experience good. Think I will be more keen to shop online more often now.

(upon receiving the nursing tops)

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the knotted front top from you. I have already worn it a couple of times. I love the grayish blue colour and how it is so easy to access the nursing openings which allows me to nurse discreetly in public. In fact it is so easy to nurse when I am carrying and nursing my baby in the baby sling :)
G Chan


I love them. Keep them coming. Also looking forward to long-sleeved dresses. Thanks!



I received the clothes this morning. Thanks, the tops are excellent!
T Tay, mother of a 4-month-old 


I want to tell you I like that layered wrap best! It feels very soft, the cut is very feminine, and it makes me look slim too! Lemon chiffon is really a nice color. Also, the bra fits very well –- thanks for recommending a smaller size.
Chin, mother of seven-month-old boy


I have received the order this morning. It was very prompt service on your end and I am very impressed and feel that I should at least reply and give my compliments... I will be patronising your online store soon again.
Kee MH, mother of a 1-month-old baby boy 


By the way, your designs are unique and have your own style! I hope to see more of your nursing tops in the future.
H Iryani


Actually, I'm considering getting two more items because I found the nightie so practical, confortable and great-looking!
K Khor


Thank you for the nursing clothes. I certainly liked them very much and would probably order a few more after I have delivered. To my relief, the design and colour looks just like the ones shown on the website.
A Cheng, mother of two boys


I must tell you that the mandarin-collar top I bought the other day is really lovely. I like the way it opens up for breastfeeding. Nice cutting for discreet breastfeeding. And the material and colour is just nice!
AHW, mother of a two-month-old


Hi Milky Way,

I loved the linen material of the Panama shorts. It is very soft and comfortable to wear. The banded material is also very soft and stretchy. This is one of the my favorites shorts material.

This is why I am hoping a longer version can be made so I can use it on a more formal setting and yet still keep the relaxed vibe of linen material.
Juliana Hartono