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The Story

What We Do

Founded and based in Singapore, Milky Way has been designing and producing quality apparel designed for expecting and breastfeeding mothers since 2005.

With its successful launch in Singapore, the Milky Way label went on to travel across continents and is currently available in many countries around the world, including Australia, the Netherlands, the UK and US.

Keeping it Real

With a team comprising mothers, empathy is the driving force when designing Milky Way styles. We understand the things that find their way onto the nursing mother’s wish list: style, impeccable quality, comfort and durability.

Possibly the most rewarding aspect of the business is the chance to meet with customers who are mothers themselves. All of them have their own unique experiences to share; their lives have been a constant inspiration.

Along the way, we've also been fortunate to meet and be privy to other brands, with whom we all share a common ethos --- delivering thoughtfully-designed, made-to-last pieces to moms around the world. We're delighted to showcase brands such as LLUIE and Dote here on our e-store. More to love, mummies!

We wish you much joy in the journey down the Milky Way.

Yours in the journey,

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